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Travelling by air is one of the most convenient and frequently used medium all over the world. There are hundreds of airlines companies that serve their passengers in the most sophisticated manner as possible. Out of the numerous prestigious airlines of the world, Emirates Airlines stands distinct and has a place of its own. Let us see what the main features in this unique airline company are that makes it one of the highly used airline service.

History of Emirates Airlines

The history of this sophisticated airline services began in the early 1985′s when the government of Dubai decided to initiate its own airline company. Emirates Airlines in the beginning took assistance from Pakistan International Airlines and took two airplanes on lease. Hence, they started their services through Airbus 300 and Boeing 737 as well as received backing from the Royal Air Wing of Dubai.

Due to the abrupt initiation of the services by Emirates Airlines, Gulf Airways had to face subsequent losses. Meanwhile, Emirates expanded its services to include destinations like Cairo, Dhaka, Amman and Colombo. Gradually, the airline company started purchasing new airplanes to include them in its cargo. Within the span of few years, the company attained its place among the most preferred airplane companies of the world.

Flight Details:

Being a subsidiary of Emirates Group, this particular airline is based in Dubai enjoying its status as the largest airline of Middle East. It has over 3000 flights on weekly basis and flies to almost 130 cities in 6 continents of the world. So, there are around 77 countries where Emirates Airlines provides its services. It is ranked as among the ten best airline companies of the world due to its efficient services. In addition, the company has the biggest number of flights made each year with largest number of international passengers carried annually. The revenue made by the company is greater than many other airlines of the world making it gain fourth ranking among best airlines in the year 2011.

Entertainment and Flight In-house Services:

There are various classes within the plane which incorporates different features for its passengers. In the first class, the company has three types of seating including sleeper seats, Skycruiser seat and full suite. In the full suite, there is a door with a mini bar inside as well as a coat rack, flat bed and LCD screen. Then there are amenities like batteries for charging laptops, facility to enjoy over 100 channels on the available LCD screen and many others.

Some of these features are also provided to the passengers in Business and Economy classes. Also, the passengers are given a chance to enjoy the taste of excellent cuisines and taste best wines within the plane. The ground services of the Emirates Airlines are also efficient providing the passengers check-in services for 2 to 48 hours duration. There are many lounges with various features for the passengers that make the time of waiting quite easy for the travelers. The reward program of frequent flying is also a part of this airline service making it ideal service to use.